Balance and Composure and Bleeding Fractals at The Flux, West Philadelphia (Drexel). April 26, 2013

This was one of the most intimate shows I have ever been to. The Flux is located in the basement of one of Drexel University’s buildings and has a very small stage. This particular show was not very crowded despite the popularity of the bands playing. Bleeding Fractals played loud and with hostility. Their set energized the crowd and showcased some great young talent. The perfect opening for Balance and Composure.

I have seen Balance and Composure numerous times, and it was a once in a lifetime experience to see them in such a small, uncrowded venue. The crowd was still pushing, shoving, and crowd surfing, all right up in front of the stage. B&C was great, played all their best songs and performed every song perfectly. The energy and raw emotion that came from this band felt so close and really hit you hard. I am sure I will see Balance and Composure many more times, but I will always remember this show due to its intimate setting at The Flux.


Crybaby at Teri’s Bar & Diner, South Philadelphia. June 24, 2013

I have seen this band a few times, and they were great as always. From the Philadelphia area, this is a punk band that does it right. The screaming of the honest, relatable lyrics over the creative riffs, trudging bass, and powerful drums is a recipe for the best new band in Philadelphia. They played some songs off their Coming Undone EP and split with Adult Braces, as well as a few new ones that I cannot wait to hear recorded. Check this band out and go see them play as soon as you can.


Placeholder, Family Vacation, and Twin Pines at The Billiards Room, North Philadelphia (Temple), March 2, 2013

Twin Pines showed promise in their debut show, with catchy melodies, many different guitar parts, and hard hitting drums. Their lyrics will hit home for any college kid or young adult, and they are as relatable as any band out there. They could have been tighter, but it was their first show as a full band.

Family Vacation is an up and coming band from Philadelphia (Temple specifically) and if they do not get famous I will be surprised. Not only are they on point live, playing everything perfectly and with energy, they really bring the music to life. The ambience will catch your emotions up in the music and once the music explodes, so will you. They are a great band and an amazing group of guys.

Placeholder is a great punk band who played about twice as fast live. It was awesome. The raw vocals with the sing-along factor combine for an awesome basement show experience. Their full length and EP both provide some very good songs, and I cannot wait to hear their forthcoming album later this year.  Check out all the bandcamps below.