Socialite Creates Distorted Momentum on I See You/I Don’t Care

Local punk four-piece Socialite recently released a loud, enraged EP entitled I See You/I Don’t Care. The five songs blend together into one crazed piece that doesn’t surpass the eight minute mark, making for a no-bullshit listen. Socialite simply creates in-your-face, distorted, guitar-heavy rockers, and their sound is urgent and aggressive. Most of the tracks are founded on heavy, banging riffs, and unintelligible yelling, which move with meaning and a brash power that makes each song pour out intensity. The slow, grungy riffs are Socialite’s specialty, each one being found near the intersection of groove and destruction, while their quicker riffs offer a nice change up. Listen below, and make sure to check out “Lose The Gloom” and “Street Freak.” Catch Socialite playing Thursday, November 5th, at Lava Space (info).

Download I See You/I Don’t Care here, order on vinyl here, and tape here.


Photo via Jade Tree.

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