London Duo The Boy From The Crowd Launches Debut EP, Where The Bees Come To Die

London garage rock duo The Boy From The Crowd recently made their new EP, Where The Bees Come To Die, available for streaming and pre-order via PledgeMusicThe release is characterized by powerful rock n’ roll that takes cues from grunge and punk, which makes most of the release guitar-heavy, melodic, and forceful. The opening track, “Revelator,” energetically sets the stage for the EP by introducing their bluesy, poppy, and pretty distorted sound, and leads off by being perhaps the catchiest on the release.

While the opener might be the catchiest, some of The Boy From The Crowd’s most successful moments come on “All I Need,” noticeably in its soulful riffs and shouting vocals. The band has its obvious influences coming from blues and pop, but they do it well and with a unique vocal style and grungy vibe. Towards the end, the song evolves into a more intense realm, with turbulent guitar and heated vocals, “Don’t tell me how I will never find my way back home / You claim to know the way to all hearts / But you’re chained, you’re chained / And you’ll never be free!” The first three songs of the EP are intriguing, and follow a pop rock formula that keeps them on a linear track for the most part. However, the band does change that up on the instrumental ending track, “Where The Bees Come To Die.” The bright song starts off with a soft, intricate guitar riff drenched in reverb, while drums bring in a punchy beat and synths add some grand textures. The emotional title track seamlessly churns between the simple and expansive moments, especially notable in how its melancholy bass line leads back into an uplifting synth and guitar section.

Where The Bees Come To Die is an entertaining listen that is full of energy, which mostly comes through in crafty guitar licks and the generally simplistic nature that comes with being a two-piece. Some of their songs feel a little derivative of their influences, but the duo shows skill in being spirited musicians that can convey a range of emotions, especially on the EP’s closing title track.

Listen to Where The Bees Come To Die and watch some music videos below. Pre-order the EP here.


Image courtesy of the artist.

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