Get Ready for a Punk Rock Christmas with Welter’s “Xmas”

Local punk band Welter is here to get you in the mood for the holidays, with a romanticized Christmas song for the derelicts, entitled “Xmas.” The track was released alongside some other previously unreleased material, including some live takes of the lonesome Christmas song and others.

Following with their barebones punk sound, the track rages through distorted riffs and contains lyrics like, “It was mid to late December, and I hoped for the new year / you might say that I had got fed up with all this Christmas cheer / I kept thinking bout the way I’d been, and reasons you would leave / and I knew that it was why I was alone on Christmas eve.” Meanwhile, “Best Intentions” contains some spanning out musically for Welter, and the live versions of “Sweet Athena” and “The Fall” notably showcase their tenacious presence. The EP’s gem might be “Complicit,” which brings forth their old school influences and delivers socially conscious lyrics about guns, tragedy, and the hollow apologies that follow. Rounding out the seven song release are two alternate versions of “Xmas,” and the “Meat Loaf Mix” in particular offers an interesting, slower take on the original.

Altogether, the release is a gritty statement from Welter that will hopefully counteract all those dreadful listens of “All I Want For Christmas is You.” Download Xmas… and Regifts! on bandcamp, and celebrate the holiday with Welter tomorrow, Friday 12/18, at Stadium Bar and Grill Andalusia in Bensalem. Get more info on the Punk Rock Christmas Party here.

Photo via Facebook.

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