Screaming Females, Swearin’, Ghost Light, and Hound at The Golden Tea House. July 4, 2013

Hound is an awesome  band from Philadelphia. They have a grungy punk feel with some shredding guitar licks. Even as a three piece they bring a huge wall of sound that can sound as heavy as O’ Brother. They played an awesome set and I am definitely going to have to check them out and see them again.

Ghost Light brought a great energy to the show and sounded really tight. They were happy as hell to be playing there and put their heart and soul into the performance. The songs were honest with an indie rock sound. Some great singing and yelling from both the singers, a guy and a girl, in this band. The guitarist had some  original guitar parts that complimented the rest of the instruments very well. They were great.

Swearin’ got the crowd moving during their set. Both their singers, also a guy and a girl, had very catchy melodies. They also had an awesome energy on stage and the crowd responded very well by singing along and dancing around. Overall, a superb set.

Screaming Females were so amazing. I had seen them once before, but seeing them play at this small location really made the show. They played a pretty long set filled with their usual guitar shredding and fast paced songs. They were tight as hell and sounded amazing, despite playing in a house. The crowd also responded fantastically, singing and moshing all around the room. Every member of this band is great and they have one of the best live sounds I have ever heard in a band. Go see them if you ever get the chance, they put on a incredible show.

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