Polyphony: Hardcore In All the Right Ways

Polyphony is a band from Maplewood, NJ that will blow you away. They recently released a full length album entitled “Truer Words” that will definitely excite fans of such bands as Frameworks, early La Dispute, and The The Number Twelve Looks Like You. These New Jersey natives play some amazing hardcore music. The guitarist, Cameron, plays stellar parts that change swiftly from one to the next, each more interesting than the last. They range from bouncing riffs, to shredding, to some more melodic parts. They are really captivating. Ariel and Gian play the bass, which holds the music together with some great bouncy lines. The drums, played by Justin, are fast paced with some awesome fills and unique beats that complement the other instruments completely. The vocalist, Marshall, has some of the quickest deliveries I’ve heard, and he pours his heart out with an abundance of relatable lyrics in every song. Some of the themes deal with trying to forget loss and regrets in life. The power of the music helps you understand the intensity of the emotions that these artists are portraying. I am sure that with time this band will mature and write even more unique hardcore music. My favorite tracks on this record are “Somewhere Between a Few and a Few Too Many,” “Murder,” and “Call Me Ishmael.” Polyphony are a more progressive, or post hardcore band, but whatever you call it, this album is impressive. You can stream the album “Truer Words” below and download it for free on their bandcamp.

Check them out at the Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ this weekend. They are playing there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (July 26th, 27th, 28th).

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