The Flux welcomes DRGN King, SHMNS, and more to ring in 2014 this Friday

Drexel University’s The Flux will be ringing in 2014 with their first show of the year featuring local acts DRGN King and SHMNS, with support from Virginia’s Mammoth Indigo, and Boston’s Sparhawks. DRGN King is a tough band to ascribe one genre label to, but their blend of psychedelic, indie, and pop results in some seriously catchy tunes. Get their debut full length album Paragraph Nights here, and listen to some of their older stuff below. SHMNS are a new electro indie band whose pop sound is quickly gaining traction in the Philadelphia scene. Listen to their EP Somewhere Between Here and There below. All of these bands are sure to put on awesome sets, and The Flux is an awesome place to see a show, just ask NPR. Get more information on the gig here.

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