A Day Without Love’s Confessions of the Innocent Mind

Philadelphia indie punk band A Day Without Love recently released a two song EP entitled Confessions of the Innocent Mind. The four piece group has certainly moved forward in terms of creativity and clarity on these two tracks, and vocalist Brian Walker takes us through some tough, brooding topics.

“Exposed” begins a little fuzzy, with a cool deep bass line that plays next to a twinkling guitar riff and lyrics about all things ‘exposed’ and ‘unknown’. The instruments really work in unison on this song and in the chorus in particular, kicking in and holding off at the same time to create a really full effect. Towards the end, guitarist Jake Detwiler absolutely shreds on a huge and speedy solo, before the chorus kicks in one last time. “Save” starts off slow and soft as Walker sings “I want to find meaning / To this feeling / I want to find reason  / To be alive / Nothing more / It’s all I ask for / I want to find meaning”. Then, the guitar slowly starts to noodle and Walker starts singing a little louder. Going through dips and dives, the song is eventually driven by the drums into a massive build-up alongside dark vocals, “I can’t save you from what’s in your head!”. Edning with that burning desire: “I want to find meaning,” Walker touches a topic that everyone should be able to connect with.

A Day Without Love’s Confessions of the Innocent Mind is two full, introspective, and meaningful songs that definitely deserve a listen from anyone in the Philadelphia punk scene. The band has focused their sound, grown in skill and songwriting, and the dark topics they tackle place them somewhere in the spectrum of indie, punk, and emo. You can download the EP for name-your-own-price on bandcamp, or stream it below.

Catch A Day Without Love playing at The Fire on April 1st, with Twin Pines, And Now The Weather, and Voletta.

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