Meet local punk band Duffy’s Cut

Duffy’s Cut is a rock band from Philadelphia that brings a whole lot of raw energy that comes to life through their numerous influences, which range from british wave to soul to punk. Their sound takes some of the best sounds of punk’s past and rolls it into a raging seven song EP that doesn’t let up for 20 minutes.

From the moment “Doomsday” kicks in, the band is chugging down a bumpy road of quick-moving beats driven by skillful bass lines by Sid Carney and fun drum fills from Jason Mckown. With an energetic guitarist/vocalist in Jonathan Jeffers and a keyboard played by Mike Bardzik, Duffy’s Cut is a matured breed of punk. “Doomsday” is a fast-paced opener, with gang vocals and really attention-grabbing lyrics like “Start living, I’d rather be dead / Where’s the gun? Here’s my head!” the song eventually blows up with keyboard and goes into the first of many intense guitar solos. More of that awesome guitar work comes on the soulful “Leavin Here,” which lyrically is a call for all the asshole guys to stop mistreating girls because “they’re leaving this town in a matter of days,” and “Persecution Complex.” On that song, Bardzik’s keyboard work notably adds another component to this upbeat band that only makes their sound more interesting and textured. One of their best cuts, “L.O.S.E.,” contains their most explosive chorus, with a shredding riff and all-out hollers from the frontman. Duffy’s Cut ends the EP with a climactic conclusion of rolling drums and heavy strums on “What’cha Gonna Do About It?,” making for a well-rounded EP.

Duffy’s Cut was released last year, but get on listening to it if you haven’t heard of Duffy’s Cut until now. Keep an eye out on Facebook to see when they’ll be playing shows in the area.

Below, watch a video for “L.O.S.E.,” stream “Doomsday,” and order the full EP on bandcamp.

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