Listen to Welter’s Ghost Hits & catch them live

Local punk band Welter plays stripped-down, fast, melodic punk which brings to mind styles like that of early Green Day or Social Distortion. The band thrives in South Philly’s punk scene and their album Ghost Hits is full of quick, upbeat tracks that make light of some heavy topics.

Welter’s best moments come with letting their own quirks shine through, especially in the delivery of the humor-tinged and relationship-centered lyrics. “Disingenue” introduces the album with a pummeling riff and swiftly-delivered, off the cuff lyrics, “so I wish you luck, though I think you suck, as you lay in the sun pretending that I am the cynical one, after all the things you’ve done.” Vocalist Jeremy hardly wastes a breath, which keeps the attention centered on his meaningful words and the quick beat of most songs.

Most of the tracks are just as easy to rock out to, and are ideal for nodding your head to as you drive around town. “In Your Own” is marked by its fun and excitable chorus, “You’re a legend in your own eyes, and your heart is beating two-time!,” and a quick guitar solo. Other tracks, like “She’s Gotta Heart,” are a little more poppy and find refuge in a more melodic deliveries. “Labor Day” is a punk rager where the vocals are more reminiscent of an Irish drinking song, and the guitar riffs slam around during vocal breaks. Jeremy sings about how he is much more in tune with chilling in the Fall, “I’m sittin’ here, waitin’ for Labor Day / I’ve been thinking about it ever since July / when I came home to find my house is full of flies.” On “Howitzer,” Welter makes light of personal issues, singing “Maybe it’s the pounding of the writing on the wall / I’ve been partying so long it ain’t a party much at all / Wake up every morning, barely make it into work / just try not to think about the way your head will work.” The chorus begs for some kind of redemption or comfort, and acknowledges their ignorance and self-distractions.

Welter’s Ghost Hits acknowledges the pits and downfalls of life in stride with humor in a way that makes them unique. The lyrics often reveal something personal and relate it to human nature, an overall the album has a resounding message about how we all are left to our own devices and vices. Welter has their niche in playing old-school punk and making light of heavy issues. Ghost Hits is a simple, fun listen that takes cues from classic punk bands, and it’s main weakness comes in the form of instrumental repetition.

Download Ghost Hits here, or stream below. Catch Welter playing this Friday, June 12th, at 1984 in Wilmington alongside The Sixties, Poor Yorick, and Revolution, I Love You. Get more info here, and keep an eye out of their facebook for more shows.

Image via Facebook.

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