Mitch Koehler (Scuzbot) Releases Acoustic Solo Album

Mitch Koehler, bassist of Scuzbot, recently released an acoustic album entitled BLUEBERRIES that he recorded in his free time between classes last semester. The result is 12 punk inspired tracks that rely on simple riffs, pop melodies, and minimal production.

“The Partriot” is a free download and the funnest track, Koehler plays upbeat riffs and sings lyrics like “face first, into the dirt / I can’t describe the joy it brang / but it stings when you think how fast I was going / all the memories it brings.” The riff on “You Don’t Say” is laid-back and lively, while the vocals convey an impassioned sense of indifference, “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it / Why don’t you get it?” The track has its slowed down moments, but the positive tone of the guitar and candid vocal delivery make it a standout. Other notable songs are the blistering “Think Allowed,” the playful “Day to Day,” and “I Wanna Be a Pirate (But My Mom Won’t Let Me).”

BLUEBERRIES is an honest and entertaining listen, full of pop-punk melodies and lyrics that bluntly switch between dismal and funny lines. Stream the album below, and download on bandcamp.


Featured image via bandcamp.

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