Dusklight: An Experiment In Storytelling

Dusklight is a music-based project that contains a complex narrative, told through a concept album and accompanying book. An experiment coming out of the UK featuring voice-over work from local voice actor Jordan Lannan, the album demands attention and rewards it with deep, universal ideas and genre-spanning musicianship.

The story surrounds two main characters, Glazer and Connie, who find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world. With ample spoken word to narrate the plot, the album wraps you in with the details and keeps you in its grasp with comprehensive instrumentals. Most of the tracks include soft narration and throw you into the story with genre-clashes, some of the most notable made up of hip-hop feels and bluesy guitar riffs. They also make use of classical music, using piano, violin, and saxophone, to add drama to the storyline. Throughout the album, stark spoken word is used to prominently reveal the dark circumstances the characters have come to, “Keep moving. That was the unspoken rule, because if you stop, you’re finished. For now, this knowledge was enough to sustain them.”

The sound design helps keep the story flowing smoothly, and comes to the forefront when it is necessary to capture the emotions of the characters. There are moments that delve into hip-hop, R&B, blues, and metal, making the work feel like a play filled with modern day music. It is a clever take on pop music and storytelling that ultimately conveys a fascinating story and inspires thought about class struggle, politics, and humanity. The first single, “Bridges Burning,” notably brings up the dichotomy between the power of common individuals and politicians. Females urgently rap and a man’s speech is amplified and distorted when delivered among a sea of people. The pianos and violin add theatrical textures, while the lyrics drive home the idea of bringing power to the people rather than the few. As the album progresses, anger is explored with heavy metal riffs, and the sadness of death is touched on with more somber instrumentals.

Dusklight contains a smart, thought-out story, and conveys it with the drama you would expect from spending a night at the theater. The switches between spoken word and melodies keep your attention on the storyline, while the mix of pop and experimental music emphasizes the emotions and dire circumstances that the characters find themselves in.

Contribute to their Kickstarter here by Sunday, July 19, which offers rewards from digital/physical copies of the album and book, to participation in the project’s future. Keep up with Dusklight on Facebook.


Featured image via Facebook.

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