Welter Announces Forthcoming Album, Live at 502 South

welter liveLocal punk band Welter recently announced a new album, Live at 502 South, being released on The Art Is Not Dead Records. The 10 song release captures one of their live performances at the West Philly house, and the lead single proves that the band’s raw sound thrives in that atmosphere. The live version of “Little Urchin Doll” is more upbeat than the album version, and the guitars and feedback cut through a little clearer.

Below, stream the track and get information on their upcoming shows.

7/31 – 3rd & Girard with Pulling Punches, Clobbersaurus, Victory Boy, & Augustine

8/8 – Slackabarrel with Twin 55, Cthulu Martini, & The Lost Riots

8/29 – Legendary Dobbs with Victory Boy, Shutter, and PAIN!

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