The Mellowells Release Two New Songs, Playing Fennario on 8/5

Annville, PA indie rock band The Mellowells released two tracks back in May. Following up their debut full-length, Shindy, that was released back in December, the four-piece continues to make smart rock tunes that take influence from surf rock and punk. “Alexander Supertramp” is a climactic piece that follows a tangled, tasteful guitar riff, and eventually builds up into a full-on, boisterous ending. Lyrically, the song reflects on wanting to be able to move on, the vocals belt “I’ve been waiting for so long, just to tell you all so long / when you find out where it all went wrong, by then I’ll be long gone.” The band creates a slight sense of gloom with their lyrics, but overall their music feels enthusiastic and positive. The second track, “Indian Style,” feels particularly more upbeat. From the opening, jangly guitar strokes and quick drum beat, it establishes a fun, rocking atmosphere while the lyrics focus on trying to gain peace of mind.

These two tracks are a great follow up to Shindy, as they continue on the path of creating musically and lyrically intelligent tunes that can totally engulf you with emotion. The Mellowells also sound notably polished and tight, check out a live performance of “Alexander Supertramp” for Old Bear Sessions below to hear for yourself.

Download the songs here, and catch The Mellowells playing at Fennario in West Chester on 8/5 with Hodera, Piranha, and Andy McLeod. Get more information here.


Image via Facebook.

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