Daughter Cells Mix Noise and Pop on Self-Titled EP

Southampton, PA noise pop band Daughter Cells recently released a self-titled EP that is equal parts elegant and boisterous. Their sound is rooted in catchy melodies, but branches out with distorted guitars and clamoring drums to create enveloping sounds of noise. EP-opener “Pleasure System” is a great example of their mix of musical styles. The instruments shift from harmonious  and clamorous buzzing, and vocalist Dave Saylor fluctuates between high-pitched howls and quick, throaty shouts. The track is full of atmospheric guitar parts that are drenched in effects, and a tight drum line totally holds the chorus together. “Tecate,” is another lively track, with a grooving bass and more upbeat tempo. Saylor’s shouting propels the verses along, while the chorus is made up of a loud ruckus of drums and a shredding guitar. Daughter Cells change it up on the other two tracks, “Knocking Myself Out” is haunting and contains a sedated vocal delivery, while “Scant Dot Cell Me Hi” is an irregular mishmash of electronic noises and vocal samples.

Altogether, Daughter Cells is a remarkable mix of distorted commotion and pop melodies. Their sound is memorable and often eerie, creating an aura that is easy to get lost in. The self-produced EP sounds unique and well-crafted, but I highly recommend seeing Daughter Cells live to fully experience their strange brand of off-kilter rock.

Download Daughter Cells here, and keep an eye on Facebook for show updates.


Featured image by Taryn O via Facebook.

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