Moonstriker Launches New Space Rock EP

The new EP Axis Mundi by Moonstriker, which came out in June, is breathtaking. The West Chester, PA band has a unique mix of spacey ambience and tough rock riffs. This combination, along with a higher pitch voice, makes Moonstriker one of the most exciting new bands in the Philadelphia area. The singer sounds like a mashup of Anthony Green (Circa Survive) and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta), while the music is reminiscent of a more ambient RX Bandits. The music crashes and jumps along at parts, while sweeping right into a medley of high pitch riffs and swift singing with lyrics on topics such as the state of society and love. This band has found a foolproof way to mix ambience, hard rock, and some math riffs into an out-of-this-world EP. Every track has something unique, and you will be able to rock to every song. The singer has a great range and is able to control his voice fabulously. Some of the guitar parts and solos will blow your mind, and the bass and drums are spot on. The standout tracks are Trailblazer and Vadoma, but the whole EP really is catchy and stunning. I do not know how these guys are not more popular, but in time I am sure they will reach their full potential and become a mainstay in the alternative rock community. You can stream the EP below, and also check out their other equally awesome self titled EP on Bandcamp and iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Moonstriker Launches New Space Rock EP

  1. I’ve seen Moonstriker live and they are amazing. and you totally nailed the sound as “ambience, hard rock, and some math riffs”. super smart review.

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