Pure Punk With North Broad

North Broad’s self titled EP is a great example of a punk band who is not afraid to experiment. Between their two singers, this Philadelphia band is able to cover everything from classic old time punk to pop punk with skill. Especially when these two singers sing together and harmonize, the result is some stellar rock. Both singers are able to sing fast, but one of the singer’s has a more raspy voice which works well with the classic punk parts, while the other singer’s clean voice works perfectly with the poppier parts. The riffs are perfect to nod your head to and the lyrics are honest and intriguing. The songs move from one part to another fluidly, and sometimes change with an abrupt yell. One of the songs has a very punk country twang to it, while another features a scream that you would typically hear from a hardcore band. They make both of these styles work smoothly and go right back into some great punk. The standout tracks on this EP are Dream Eater and Heartbreak Kid. This is a great EP, despite it being recorded in their own home.  You can stream it below and download both of their EPs on Bandcamp for free.

Photo courtesy of North Broad.

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