Family Vacation and Keepers, Two Superb Indie Rock Bands, Going on Tour in August

The self titled EP by Family Vacation, a Philadelphia band, is chill and explosive in all the right ways. The guitar riffs are swift and quiet until they explode in a wall of sound along with the screeching vocals. This band knows how to take an emotion and make you feel it in its most intense form. The vocals feel like they are echoing in a room at some points, and the singers have the strong voices for this type of indie rock. Between the soft gang vocals, the more hurried deliveries, and the loud personal announcements, this band has singing down. The drums sound fantastic, and the drummer is able to throw in some cool beats and fills in the process of providing build ups and explosions with the rest of the music. The guitars are softer and twinkly at parts, and fast and driving at others. Every part of this band fits together very well, and the result is some whole sounding music. My favorites on this EP are “Winter’s Wind” and “Sunrise Surf Club.” Family Vacation is not only great on record, their live set is one of the best I have seen out of a Philadelphia band. Seriously, go see this band live. Their self titled EP is available on Bandcamp, and you can stream it below.

The full length album “New Waves” by Keepers is astoundingly good. I cannot put my finger on one thing I would change. The singer’s high pitched voice is probably the most unique part of this band, and fits the music in a great way, especially with the layered softer harmonies that make the music sound more ambient. The drums and bass provide a beat that will make you bob your head to every song, and help to keep the music upbeat. The guitarists are capable of writing super spacey solos and interesting riffs, some of which remind me of The Strokes. This band, like Family Vacation, explodes at the right times in every song. While drawing your emotions and attention in with softer parts with meaningful lyrics, they build to a storm-like intensity. All of the other instruments, like piano, and the effects used are used in an exquisite way, and are used in excellent moderation. The standout tracks on this record are “Petrichor,” “Vigil,” and “Doug.”  This is another band that is unbelievably fun live. The album is available on Bandcamp, and you can stream it below. Also, if you were not already impressed with this band after listening, know that this band was in high school when they recorded the album.

Family Vacations and Keepers, both bands from the Philadelphia area, are planning a tour of the Northeastern USA in mid-August and are seeking donations for the expenses of gas, food, and places to stay. Both of these bands are phenomenal live, so check out the dates below and make it out to a show! You can also make a donation to the nice guys of Family Vacation and Keepers here until August 4th and get some cool gifts in return.

family vakeepers

Family Vacation & Keepers Northeastern US Tour

Photos courtesy of Keepers and Family Vacation.

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