Scuzbot’s Full Length Album is an Instant Pop Punk Classic

Scuzbot is a punk band from Bensalem, PA, whose full length album consists of great sing-along vocals and quick riffs that will stick in your head for days. Recorded back in 2011, this LP has earnest singing by two voices that were made for pop punk music. Tyler’s voice is more poppy and his delivery is great, while Ryan’s voice is more gritty and he is able sing and yell with ease. Between these two singers, both with captivating voices, the band is able to cover every spectrum of pop punk music. The guitars work fantastically together, being played by both of the vocalists, with classic pop punk riffs and fast paced solos. The riffs are catchy as hell and there are an abundance of them on this record. Some tracks are super fast and punk, while others are more poppy and melodic. While the lyrics talk about things like relationships, the music stays upbeat and fun for most of the album. Jonny plays some mesmerizing parts on the drums, which change many times in one song. There are some conventional beats but also some that will leave you very impressed. Finally, the bass, played by Mitch, bounces and grooves in spectacular pop punk fashion. My favorite songs on this album are “People Hate Fun,” “Shapes and Trends,” and “In Space,” though you should listen to this album all the way through to truly appreciate all the pop punk goodness.

You can download the album for free from their website as well as stream it below. Also check out Scuzbot playing with Machinist!, Rebel Scum, and Hoser at the Kung Fu Necktie this Thursday, July 18th, as they are sure to put on a great show. (21 & over)

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