RX Bandits Rock The Electric Factory. July 19, 2013

RX Bandits played to a packed, hot, and sweaty crowd in Philadelphia this past Friday. They are on tour celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their album “The Resignation.” It’s interesting to see that their album written a decade ago still has so much social relevance. The lyrics point out the flaws of America, economically, socially, and culturally. The live show they put on, playing that album in its entirety, as well as some of their best hits for an encore, was full of energetic good vibes. This progressive jam band improvised parts of their songs, which made the live show even more entertaining. They played fast rock songs and slowed down ska inspired songs with absolute skill. The guitarists played mind-bending solos; while the drummer played parts that are unheard of. The band was also accompanied by a saxophone and trombone, which gave the music the whole sound it has on the album. A grooving saxophone solo even made the crowd go wild. Overall, RX Bandits put on a very fun show. The crowd was dancing, moshing, and crowd surfing, but in the most upbeat mood possible. The crowd also sang just about every word, even the quick parts that are hard to keep up with. If you have never listened to this band, I highly suggest doing so before another ten years goes by.

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