Sundials, Crybaby, Martin, and Pocket at Golden Tea House. July 17, 2013

Pocket opened the show with a set of punk rock that had a post rock vibe to it. Playing fast, the music had a sense of ambience and some parts that slightly reminded me of Moving Mountains. The band had very moving instrumentals, and they showed a lot of potential in this performance, especially in regards to the guitar. Check this Philadelphia band out at a show and download their EP for free.

Martin is a powerhouse of punk music. With Pat’s great singing voice, and their quick raw sound, they are the definition of a punk band. The vocals, which range from tender to coarse, adds to the emotion that this band portrays in their music. From being melancholy, to fed up, the tension builds in some great songs that sound even more punk when played live. The bassist, Todd, bobbed his head all night, throwing his hair around, and Pat played some damn dirty guitar parts. The drummer, Stefan, was also remarkable in playing so fast, with even faster fills. This is a signature punk band from West Chester, PA. Keep an eye out for more from them and check out their EP here.

Crybaby played seven songs in about fifteen to twenty minutes. The Philadelphia/West Chester band knows how to play fast punk as well as write memorable hooks. They barely took any breaks between songs, making their set feel like one long song, full of mostly new stuff. They played two songs off their Coming Undone EP, but everything else was new material, which all sounded even better than their previously recorded tracks. With unconventional drum fills by Alex, a loud deep bass played by Ed, and Matt’s genuine voice, these guys put on a show that will leave you awestruck.

Sundials was an awesome band to see live. They sounded more energetic than they do on their record, which is always impressive to see with any kind of band. When I first heard this band’s album, I thought they sounded a lot like Weezer’s blue album, but after seeing them live I can say that they are much more intense. Harris and Carl sang all their songs with pinpoint accuracy, they were the tightest band of the night. All the instruments sounded perfectly played, especially the drums, played by Cory, which had some of the best parts I have heard out of a band in this genre. This band has to be going places. They have an unbelievably good record (free!) with some songs that are downright addictive, and they put on a fantastic live show.

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