Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, The Stonewall Vessels, Moonstriker, and The Changing Light at the Chameleon Club. July 31, 2013

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster stopped in Lancaster for a show at the Chameleon Club, with three local bands on the bill. The bands ranged from ambient space rock to hardcore southern metal, and all the bands put on memorable sets. Check out recaps and photos below.

The Changing Light opened the show with psychedelic post rock, which this experimental band has done in a unique way. The vocalist has a clean voice that he can use to whisper eerily and belt whole heartedly.  His connection with the music was evident as he danced and threw himself on the stage to the beat. The music was trippy post rock with an edge, ranging from ambient sections that drew you in to explosive parts that consisted of howling guitar, lively bass, and powerful drums. The guitar work encompassed ambience and straightforward riffs with some shredding thrown in. They played a few new songs, so you can probably expect a release from these guys sometime soon. The Changing Light has a sound of their own that you will find ingenious if you are into any kind of post rock. Check them out on bandcamp or at one of their upcoming shows.

Moonstriker put on an exceptional set with their signature grungy space rock sound. The guitarist absolutely kills it, shredding sounds as though they are from space. From the filthy riffs to the mind bending solos, the guitarist and bassist are only half of what make this band phenomenal. The drums pound while maintaining interesting beats and fills, making the music sound whole. The vocalist’s voice seems to flow effortlessly in a way that fits the music with a smooth delivery that can be quick or held out. Playing some of the best songs off their two EPs, Moonstriker had a set that flowed well and sounded great. This band is one of a kind and has created a trippy rock and roll sound that they have only begun to master. Check out their bandcamp for their new EP “Axis Mundi,” and read a review of the EP here.

The Stonewall Vessels have a great sound of experimental indie rock. They definitely have a dirty southern vibe to them especially in regards to the raw guitar and bass. The guitarists play everything from soft, high pitched to deep, wailing parts. The vocalist’s voice also ranges from southern sounding to some cleaner singing parts, more often used for the hooks. During their set the singer jumped down and joined the crowd, and let everyone yell into the microphone with him. The drummer, Travis, also plays drums for The Changing Light, so props to him for playing two sets of intricate and crushing drums. This is another band with a very uncommon sound, mixing elements of folk and post rock together to form something that they can truly call their own. Check them out on bandcamp.

Maylene and the Sons of Disaster is a hardcore metal band from Alabama, Georgia. If Johnny Cash had been into hardcore music, he would have dug this band. Their sound fits in the hardcore genre, but with a southern country twang to it. Their performance was heavy and loud, and their vocalist has a voice that stands out in the hardcore community. Dallas Taylor is able to scream with a raw intensity. He let some members of the audience take the mic a few times, as well as screaming his loudest while staring right at them. He also stomped his foot to the beat as hard as he could during a song, and the sound it made was easily heard over the clapping of the audience. The music was thrashy and easy to rock along to, with the crude sounding and grooving riffs, and hard drops. The band sounded superb, and brought the most energy of the night. There’s something about a dirty southern riff and heavy drums being played over a raw and skilled screamer that you just have to love. Check out all of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster’s music on iTunes.

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