Barncat Sees All: A Grungy Post Rock Journey

When a band can make you feel something before you have even heard the lyrics, that band is usually something special. Before the singing even kicks in on Barncat’s EP “Barncat Sees All,” the listener is filled with a sense of nostalgia. Somehow this band from West Chester, PA, creates music that lets you know that everything might be bad now but that things will eventually get better. This album has some amazing instrumental sections, between the post rock ambience, straight shredding on the guitar, and southern inspired riffs. The drums sound huge, and drive the instrumental build ups in a way that can remind one of Explosions in the Sky, only quicker and with more power. The singing and lyrics only helps you understand the music even more. Especially the line “just do what makes you happy,” in the first song, hints at what the themes of this EP are going to be. In addition to the sincere lyrics, the singers are able to sing cleanly while still possessing a grungy yell for the tougher sounding parts. This EP really was made to be listened to as one piece of music, but my favorite tracks would have to be “Fifteen Minutes Or Less” and “Eight Simple Questions.”  You can stream the album below as well as download it for free off their bandcamp.

One thought on “Barncat Sees All: A Grungy Post Rock Journey

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