Family Vacation and Keepers Kick Off East Coast Tour

Last night, indie bands Family Vacation and Keepers kicked off their East Coast Tour with a rowdy night at the old West End Lake Swim club in West Chester, PA. The Philadelphia based group Family Vacation kicked off the festivities, while Keepers finished the night, playing to their hometown crowd.  The two bands left today for their eleven-stop East Coast Tour, which also includes one stop in Canada.

Family Vacation’s sound can best be described as a “good-vibes” indie rock band. Their music is a mix of super catchy guitar riffs, perfectly timed drumbeats, and a unique vocal sound. Family Vacation’s lyrics provides a nostalgic feel, bringing the listener back to the summer days when you were a kid and nothing else really seemed to matter besides having fun. Seeing this band in a setting reminiscent of a summer camp rec room only made it seem more perfect. They played a good mix of songs from their self-titled EP and their new album “Trails.” They even had a back-up female vocalist featured on two of the songs and the sound gave me goose bumps. Family Vacation is a group of fun-loving guys with a good sense of humor that really knows how to put on an entertaining show. Maybe that’s why they have such a dedicated following and always bring out a crowd.

Keepers is another feel-good band that obviously likes to have a good time on stage. Their set was a mix of songs from their album “Waves” as well as some brand new songs that have not yet been released. Their faster-paced songs had everyone in the crowd head bobbing and the die-hard fans sang along. Upbeat guitar riffs, funky bass lines, and absolutely out of this world drums are what make this West Chester based four-piece something to look out for. Their lead singer, Pat, has an insane vocal range, something you don’t always see in a younger band. In addition, their drummer Alex was not only extremely entertaining to watch, but is probably one of the most talented drummers I have seen.

All in all, last night’s Family Vacation/Keepers show can be summed up in four words: good vibes summer jamming. We wish both bands good luck on their tour and suggest you check out these bands if their tour comes anywhere near you.

family vakeepers

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