L.M.I. Showcases Their Range of Talent With “L.M.I. II”

Some bands pick a genre and stick to it. Others tread lightly, dipping their toes in a few different bodies of sound. L.M.I. (Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals) is neither of those types of bands. Their five song EP, entitled “L.M.I. II” encompasses music from ska to hard rock, each song being more powerful than the last. As the album first starts, they give the impression that they are a chiller band with melodic and almost reluctant singing by frontman and guitarist, Will. However, as the songs progress, the rage that is present in all of the lyrics slowly becomes more evident. Will possesses a voice which he is able to use for these different types of music suitably. From the clean singing with the ska sections to the yelling with the hard rock parts, he and the band are able to create each type of sound particularly well. As you can imagine, the change in musical category also leaves room for the instruments to showcase their pure skill in playing different kinds of songs. Some light guitar riffs and solos are present, as are many more grungy riffs. There are stellar bass lines, payed by Brando, that bounce along with the ska sounding song “No Destination,” and others that create the deep heavy sounds of other songs. The drums, played by Kevin, are no exception, pounding at the right times, and playing some fast fills in the grungy songs. The only criticism I can find of this band is that they repeat some sections of songs too much, and they have room for more creativity.

You should definitely give a listen to at least “No Destination” and “Give In.” Check out this band on bandcamp, or stream the EP below.

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