Emo Indie Band, These Polar Opposites, Release Unique Album

Every so often, a band comes along with a sound that reminds me of some of my favorites, while being totally original at the same time. These Polar Opposites are just that with their album “Life is an Impulse (Love is an Impulse).” This emo indie rock band creates catchy songs with a folk inspiration, while using electronics and hardcore back up yelling at the most emotional and loud moments. Lucas, the vocalist and bassist, writes some of the most honest and thought-provoking lyrics I’ve heard in awhile, with lines such as, “I held a magnifying glass to the image on a mirror, thinking details become clearer when closer. When the focal point expands, I’ll be a black and white outline of some figure that was drawn in my head.” In addition, Lucas has a voice that doesn’t really remind me of anyone. He has a somewhat straightforward voice with a great amount of meaning behind his words, that is something you have to hear to appreciate. He also delivers words in a very catchy, but untypical way. The album has some double tracked vocals that give it a great full sound, which reminds me of Brand New. Back up vocals on some songs done by Lisle results in a combination of voices that sounds absolutely wonderful. The music is fuzzy, loud, and full of rage at parts, while being soft, clear, and reflective at other times. The lead guitar work, done by Dylan, is interesting, with ambience, striking riffs that move quickly with force, and other parts that shred in the background of songs, setting the tone very well. The drums, which are played by Joey, change up entertainingly, with crashing cymbals, rolling snare, and beats that are meant for tapping your feet to. Turn to this band when you want to be totally invested in the emotions of the music, which deal with sadness, confusion, and anger. This is one of the most unique albums I have heard from a Philadelphia band in the past few months. These Polar Opposites recorded the album in South Philadelphia, and released it this past June.

Definitely check out the tracks “Small Song,” “Reasons You’re Scared,” and “I Think We’re Close.” Stream the album below, download it on iTunes or bandcamp, or pick up a physical copy. You can also see them live at the Don’t Tread on Me House on September 21 with Moonstriker, Blank Book, and Thief, Steal Me a Peach.

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