Seeing Snakes Release a Fast and Punk Five Song EP

Seeing Snakes is a melodic punk rock band from Philadelphia that released an EP entitled “Jake Goes to Portland” a few months ago. This five song release runs a mere ten minutes and doesn’t slow down once. They are fast gritty tunes that have the sound of the Descendents (as well as a strikingly similar album cover) and the catchiness of Green Day. With lyrics like “They said: ‘Don’t let the days go by, but I lose them every single night, and they said: ‘You’ll be alright in time’ but I think I’m losing my mind” they make rhymes mix with driving guitar in classic pop punk fashion. These driving guitars are accompanied by captivating riffs, as well as swiftly pounding drums. The singers each possess a voice  that can be raw and melodic, and which is well suited for punk rock. Check them out below or on bandcamp.

Favorites: “Hit the Skids” “Mutombo”

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