Well-Crafted Indie Punk Rock with Sister City’s “Small Talk”

Sister City is a two piece indie punk band from Philadelphia made up of Adam Linder (vocals, guitar) and Daniel Abzug (drums) that reminds me of bands like Into It. Over It. and Modern Baseball. Their newest album “Small Talk” is made up of songs that are fun and well-crafted, with angsty lyrics. Their sound fluctuates between soft indie and fast punk, in a way that is unconventional. Some songs start off with a chill vibe composed of soft singing and muted guitar, and lead right into something more vibrant and bursting, or fast and exciting. This includes really catchy guitar riffs, as well as killer drums that change up  often, keeping the beat fresh throughout every song.

The music discusses a range of emotions, with songs that blow up with honesty. “Normal Sized Words” even shows some post rock tendencies in this band, with an ending that explodes and sounds massive. Even shouting at times,they show no fear of breaking the barrier between indie and punk rock. Adam has a voice that sounds great over everything they play, with a delivery that fits the style of each song very well. The lyrics on this album might be the most standout part. Dealing with growing up, death, and some other heavy topics, Adam does so in a way that is not depressing, but enthralling. One of the most well delivered and well written lines is on the opening song, “So here’s to long and lost lives, long lines, lost time and being left behind, There’s only a couple things I’ve ever said I truly wish I hadn’t. As I run my pre-arthritic fingers through the hair I still have on my head, I sometimes wonder which machine inside of me will be the first to break.” Check out the album below, or on bandcamp.

Favorites: “Horsey!” “Psalm 26” “Extreme Fever”

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