The Penske File Releases Debut Full Length Album

The Penske File is a punk rock band from Burlington, Ontario that recently released their debut album A Restless Symphony. Playing music that is punk at heart but that has some folk tendencies, The Penske File belongs on bills alongside bands like Hop Along and The Sidekicks. Playing mostly fast, upbeat songs they incorporate harmonica, acoustic guitar, and gang vocals to create an unconventional punk sound. While it is a creative album, the band still utilizes catchy guitar riffs and gritty and melodic vocals that have become the mainstay in the pop punk scene. See “Battered Boat” for the most punk song on the album and “Paintbrush Eyes” if you need convincing that a harmonica can work with punk music. There are a lot of cool guitar parts on this album, and the drummer plays some awesome fills. The Penske File’s debut album A Restless Symphony is fresh and original, with several standout tracks. Make sure to listen to “The Valley,” “The Graveyard,” “I’ve Been Thinking”

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