Baltimore Cults Release Emo Grunge EP, Recorded at The Headroom

Philadelphia locals Baltimore Cults recently released their debut EP Parts Unknown, a five song thrill ride recorded and mixed at The Headroom by Joe Reinhart of Algernon Cadwallader. The band is grungy, with punk tendencies and some math rock riffs thrown in for good measure. The result is a band that is original on the Philly scene, using twinkly riffs not as a foundation, but as an enhancement to their already solid grunge sound. The EP starts off with a soft, sublime song and the lyrics “Something belongs here” make the listener long for something that is missing, before it blows up with pounding bass. The album then blasts off with “You Can Get an Eight Pound Gram for Eight Pound” that moves with woah’s and statements like “I’ve had enough!”. “I Want You to Hold Marvin the Cat” is actually reminiscent of Algernon, starting off with a laid-back math riff that sways with the vocalist’s somber remarks that are backed by some screaming. “He’s Not A Real Cat” ends the album with epic music and awesome gang vocals that shout “I know I should be happy / and most of the time I think I found it / a couple of friends in broken houses / and we all can’t sleep / I know the flood is coming / and most of the time I think I’m drowning / a couple of friends in burning houses / and we all can’t breathe” for a great sing-a-long finale.

You can stream the record below, download it on bandcamp, or order it on cassette tape from Too Far Gone Records here.

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