Local Emo Garage Rockers, When Ships Collide, Release Debut EP, Our Family

When Ships Collide is a two-piece, Philly based, garage rock band that started in July 2012 and is made up of Troy Kominiak and Todd Selby. In September, the band released an EP entitled Our Family, which was recorded and produced by PhillyPunk’s own Jake Detwiler at Fresh Produce Studios.

The best way I can think to describe the songs on this EP would be to say that they are the perfect songs for your slightly emo girlfriend or boyfriend’s next playlist. In fact, vocalist Troy Kominiak’s voice reminds me a bit of 1980’s legend Morrissey of The Smiths. With vibe that is reminiscent of high school, this EP is the perfect mix of dragging, heartfelt lyrics and boppy background melody. “Boardwalk Arcade” heads off the EP with a completely raw sound, including distorted guitar and raw vocal vibrations before making a dramatic shift to the more full, clear melodic sound that makes this band so striking. “Family” is a bit more lively, and invites you to tap your toes along to the simple, yet super catchy guitar and drum mix. And who doesn’t love a rock song that somehow finds a way to incorporate a couple of “Shoo-be-doo-wops”.

While every song on this four song EP is brilliant in its own way, stand outs for this EP would definitely be “Ice Skating”, which introduces some great harmonies as well as a somewhat unexpected “breakdown” towards the end of the song, and the opening song “Boardwalk Arcade”, which has a more emo sound and one of the coolest openings of a song I’ve heard in a while. Whether you’re looking for something a little more slow and heartfelt or something catchy and reminiscent of your younger days, Our Family by When Ships Collide is definitely worth a listen.

You can stream the EP below, or download it on bandcamp. Also, check out When Ships Collide live at The Quarterly’s Fall listening party and concert this Thursday, November 21st at The Fire. They will be joined by Family Vacation, Brian Fitzy, and Last Full Measure. Buy tickets in advance here.

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