Mumblr releases brand new six song EP, Bang Bang

Philadelphia fuzz punk foursome Mumblr recently released an EP entitled Bang Bang, consisting of six totally new songs which you can stream below. Following their last release White Jesus, Black GodMumblr keeps with their distorted, care-free, and in your face attitude.

Starting off on the chill side with “Hose Water,” the band talks about issues that any early twenty year old can relate to, like how “my last boss / was an asshole” and “I NEED TO GET PAID!”. The song starts off soft, but builds up as the frustration over money ensues more and more and vocalist Nick Morrison starts shouting uncontrollably. Next up is the speedy and satirical “My First Black Friend,” followed by “Party At Your House,” which starts off spacy until it explodes with the lines “I speak the truth / and you speak the nonsense / party at your house”. This track ends with a full on raging spectacle of drums, guitar, and bass. Mumblr shows their softer side the most in “Mouse,” and while the song contains lines like “eat my shit,” other lines like “we’ll go together / we’ll die together” are more mindful, and sound awesome with the accompanying female vocalist. The band goes off and running again in “Bang Bang,” and while the only lyrics in this song is its title, it is the most energetic song on the EP. The guitars thrash in the chorus, and the drums quickly go through every rhythm change and fill with urgency. “All Your Fault” has more lyrics the average kid can relate to, especially with the humorous lines about trying to use your Dad’s ID to buy liquor. Starting off kind of slow, the song pulls you through the soft thoughts and guitar lines. By the end, the song is one huge sloppy mess of bending guitars and hard hitting drums.

Overall, Mumblr’s Bang Bang EP keeps their somewhat sloppy sounding fuzz punk going strong. And while sloppy is usually considered a bad thing, these guys seem to have found the right balance of creativity and not taking yourself to seriously.

Favorite tracks: “Bang Bang,” “All Your Fault”

Stream Bang Bang below, and check out the rest of Mumblr’s stuff on bandcamp. Catch Mumblr at the Kat Kat Phest Day 2 pre-show.

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