Hercules Vigila, an Argentinian hardcore punk band, releases debut album

Hercules Vigila is a hardcore punk band from Buenos Aires, Argentina that recently released their first album. Singing in English and Spanish, this band is creating a name for themselves in the punk scene. The songs are heavy and fast, with an emotional grit to match. Opening song “Bola Caliente” grabs your attention right off the bat, with a long scream and an explosion of instruments led by an angry hardcore riff that makes you want to jump in the mosh pit. “1959” is a punk track with a nostalgic and heartfelt feel, a kind of vibe that reminds me of The Menzingers. However, the band shows their ability to cover a wide array of grungy sounds. The next song is a captivating instrumental track that leads right into the fastest song on the album, “Different Time, Different Place, Different Person”. Definitely a song to move to, its pounding drums and quick riffs show they have the straight punk ability reminiscent of bands like Touche Amore. “IV” is another solid track, filled with awesome riffs and beat changes that keep the entire song interesting. It eventually builds into a hardcore post-rock ending, where a slow heavy riff leads into a grandiose explosion of drums and more ambient guitar, backed by echoing screams. This post-hardcore sound is present throughout the album, but really shines in the second half. Especially on “Donde Mueren Los Pajaros” and “Touche (Coda),” Hercules Vigila shows their affinity for music we generally here from our neck of the woods. With explosions of sound that include deafening screams, intense drums, and ambient yet hardcore riffs, this is a debut album that should peak the interest of anyone in the punk rock scene.

Stream the album below, download it on bandcamp, and watch the video for “1959” below.

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