Girl Brains Release Properly Named EP, [intense music]

Local hardcore/powerviolence outfit Girl Brains recently released a five song EP entitled [intense music] that barely breaks the six minute mark. The amount of force these guys bring is on level with that of Pittsburgh’s Code Orange Kids, but Girl Brains is quicker to move from one thing to the next as well as freaking out way more frequently.

After a short intro track, the band starts their raw assault on some dark ideas as the music continuously changes and keeps you listening for the next brutal riff and shriek. The members of this band take this hardcore outlet to the brink, yelling lines like “why the fuck do I exist in a world that’s full of shit?” and “you are a fucking pathetic piece of shit excuse for a human being” that capture the essence of their pissed off sound. The songs on this release tend to blur together, but the best moment comes on the last track “Grimes” where the band gets down to why they are so angry. Screaming “somedays i’m beggin’ to be taken outta here / out of this world / this misery / this eternal fucking struggle to stay young and happy” in unison and closing out with a merciless breakdown, the band leaves you wanting so much more. Girl Brains’ no-bullshit style of jumping from one anger-invoking ail to the next makes them one of the most punishing young hardcore bands in Philly.

Keep an eye out on their Facebook and Twitter for show dates.

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