Rose’s Devotion release single & video for “Fading Out,” off upcoming album

Local indie rock band Rose’s Devotion recently released “Fading Out,” a single off their forthcoming album, Caves. A driving track that is infused with a real sense of emotional struggle, “my life is fading in and out of view!,” the band takes us into their depths of of feeling while blasting bass, hard-hitting drums, and layered guitars cycle through the ups-and-downs in unison. The echoing vocals talk of crippling fears, ghosts, and how life is disappearing, which leads the band and the woman in the music video to explode in anger, after having had enough of the problems at hand.

Get the single here and watch the music video below. Catch Rose’s Devotion playing in New Brunswick this Thursday 6/26 and keep an eye out for some Philly shows.

Music video directed by Bill Miller.

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