Local Emo band Robins releases Lend Bias EP

Local emo band Robins recently released a five song EP entitled Lend Bias, that blends screamo and pop punk together in a way that gets more grueling as the EP goes on. With a multitude of guitar riffs that utilize the twinkle but never over-do it, an aggressive drummer, and a vocalist that sings and screams with heart, Robins are definitely worth checking out.

“Athletes” opens up quickly with heavy guitar riffs and some of the cleanest vocal deliveries of the EP, a quick ride to kickstart the EP. Ending with an acoustic and leading right into “Bobby Dukes Is Back,” the band starts slamming on their instruments and vocalist Albert Berardocco screams “when I said I love you I meant it / little talks, evasive action / you and i will never happen / you and I are satellites communicating static.” The delivery of the harsh, personal vocals fits organically in with the instrumental rhythm changes, resulting in awesome grooves especially on “The Ballad of Ricky Spanish” and “Dirty Swarth.”

“That High, That Quick” blasts off with an upbeat guitar riff along with forward-thinking lyrics, “is it time for me to run toward that ever-changing sun? / I’ve only just begun, then I think I’ll be someone / cause having all this fun is getting fucking old / I tried to shape the mold, but always come up empty” and then shifts into an twinkly bridge. The track softens up a little and Berardocco turns to explain a little further, “there’s no more I can accomplish here / get me away from here / punching through my mirror in attempt to see my reflection / finally make it clearer / now I’m noticing that all I have is bloody hands and seven years of bad luck!” as the track builds into the most thrilling soundscape of the EP. The guitar quickly thrashes, the drums drive the beat, and additional vocalists join in to scream these realizations on bad luck. “Homeboy Smellgood” ends the EP rounding out their thoughts and providing another loud, pounding track.

Lend Bias is a great listen, it builds to massive abrasion all while keeping their reasons for doing so right on their hip. With lyrics dealing with the frustration of every aspect of life, from ill relationships to feeling stuck, Robins bring some forthright and honest tunes on their latest release.

Stream/download Lend Bias on bandcamp, and make it out to see Robins in Willow Grove on Friday 8/8 or North Philly on Sunday 8/10, they’ll be joined by awesome bands both days.

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