Mike Pays Heat and Cloud District Release Split EP, Relaxatives

Local indie rock band Mike Pays Heat recently released a split EP with their NY pals Cloud District. A blend of indie rock that will appeal to fans of bands like Pill Friends, Roof Doctor, or Family VacationRelaxatives is seemingly happy with upbeat instrumentals, and deals with some big problems hidden underneath.

“Natalie Dormer” opens up the split in a super catchy yet totally sad way, singing it just sucks to be alive when you don’t feel alive over acoustic guitar and soft drums. A great vibe throughout the track, it ends with the band getting down to why they feel that way, dwelling on lost friends. Their second track, “Submerge,” moves much quicker with some sweet electric guitar riffs (as well as ending on a nasty solo), a steady drum beat, and vocals getting into the tangled line between love and distraction.

Mike Pays Heat opens up their side with the infectious “Oxygen,” which has a trudging bass along creative, quickly moving guitar and lyrical concept about being the oxygen in someone’s lungs (or the love of someone’s life) for only a short time, take a deep breath, exhale all of me. breathe in the rest, enjoy being free. Their second track, “Breaking Pencils,” starts bleakly and down on itself before bringing in some more intricate guitar riffs and reflecting on how things used to be simpler. A sense of mental clarity, it’s cold and it’s beautiful and its all so much it hurts, ushers in a huge ending, riddled with awesome riffs, clambering drums, and buried-in-the-mix vocals.

Both of these young bands show talent on this split, each showing great vocal talent and the ability to write memorable songs with intelligent guitar riffs and melodies. Be on the look out for more stuff from these bands on Facebook, they’ll be playing in NY the first weekend in September and in Philly come fall. Download Relaxatives here.

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