ROMP Releases Sorry, Not Sorry, Going on Tour

Romp is an indie punk band from New Brunswick that released a four song EP entitled Sorry, Not Sorry back in October. Riding the line between pop and explosive punk with an energetic female vocalist in Madison Klarer, Romp are taking these fresh and invigorating tunes on a tour down to Louisiana and back next week.

The EP opens with Klarer infectiously singing “let’s pack our bags and meet at the corner of my street / pick me up and we’ll drive until we hit the water / let’s spend every night discovering new places we can hide, from the world but never each other” over a steady beat, while the plethora of guitar riffs keep the song interesting. As does the empathic chorus, wholeheartedly reiterating that need to get out of wherever they are. The band has a brisk outlook on getting away and the song often makes you feel like getting in the car yourself through its relatable lyrics, “let the summer air / keep you warm until I get there /then we’ll drive all night going anywhere, anywhere!” The next track, “If Your Head Gets Any Bigger You’ll Float Away,” is the total other side of the coin. After a quick, bullish intro you can tell this song is going to be a little more gritty, especially once Klarer’s distorted vocals come in saying things like “you’re a fucking barbie whore” and “don’t call me, I won’t pick up / ring a hundred times, I don’t give a fuck / burn the house down, I don’t care, just get out of my hair / hey! this is my way!” After the cutesiness of the opener, this song brings you right back down to earth with quick, punk riffs, pounding drums, and a more raw vocal take.

“Portrait” is a much more self-reflective track, dealing with getting over a lost love and realizing that maybe you are better off, “I don’t wanna be anyone’s anything anymore / I’ll answer to no one / Cry over no one / I’ll never feel second best again.” With smooth transitions from the soft to the louder, where Klarer absolutely belts her lines, Romp is able to produce some really great hooks and choruses. “Sorry, Not Sorry” brings with lyrical closure and more crisp guitar riffs, which lead into a the grand ending of gang vocals and a fast and killer guitar solo.

Romp’s Sorry, Not Sorry combines great, emotional songwriting with well thought out instrumentals that transition between stirred-up feelings almost flawlessly. With a center around indie-pop but no fear of getting into the angrier punk side of music, this young band should be making waves at their upcoming shows.

Check out their tour dates below, which includes a show at North Philly’s The Nest on 1/16, and pick up the EP via bandcamp or on a split cassette from Funeral Sounds here.



Image via bandcamp.

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