502 South’s Philly Rock Comp: A Look at Philly’s Diverse Punk Scene

If you need a recap of some of the best up-and-coming bands in and around Philly from 2014, look no further than 502 South’s Philly Rock Compilation Vol. 2. 23 songs that recap the great year that underground punks of the city have enjoyed, including hits from bands like The Sixties, Welter, Circadian Frequency, and Science Club.

This compilation is great for playing through for hours or putting on shuffle. Centering around punk, it reaches out to bands that are more laid-back like Gentleman Christ or Proof and Proving, with hardcore vibes like Pulling Punches or Twin 55, and with a more pop-punk sound like Ultraviolet or Sleep In. After listening to the comp, it is also clear how many Philly punk bands sound like they are right out of punk’s first wave, bands like Disaster Committee, Keep For Yourself, and Honah Lee, among others, have contributed absolute ragers to this release.

Overall the compilation provides an overview of the diverse spectrum of sound found in the Philly Rock scene, and listening to it in its entirety will undoubtedly lead to some awesome musical discoveries.

Stream and download the compilation here, and learn more about 502 South here.

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