Black Friday Death Count Constructs Crushing Noise Rock on Front Toward Enemy

Black Friday Death Count comes out of Line Lexington, PA and brings tight tunes filled with aggression and abrasiveness. Their new EP, Front Toward Enemy, which was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, is a relentless mix of metal, punk, and noise. The riffs are quick and hint at metal influences, the drums churn through nasty fills and more laid-back beats, and the raspy vocals add another layer to the mess of noise.

The opening track, “My Natuzzi Weighs A Ton,” follows a path of destruction throughout, with expletive lyrics among lines like “There’s a comedy in this tragedy / If you want it, if it suits your needs.” The song makes a case for the seriousness of seeking truth, and the ending riff is powerful and heavy. “Operator” is a little more groovy, and the bass line stands out as the driving force of the song. The shouts are still delivered with grit and meaning, and the chorus is deafening, but overall the track is slower and hazier. They mix the more lethargic sound in well, but their best moments come from creating beats and riffs that consistently feel like punches to the gut or stomps on your head. The final track, “Beach Head,” might be the best example of that. It contains their most intricate guitar riffs and flawless transitions between pounding drums and the solid beat. Amidst the heated instrumentation and sinister lyrics, the band delivers immense shouting and packs it all into a two-minute barn burner.

Front Toward Enemy clocks in at ten minutes, and will leave you wanting more from Black Friday Death Count. The vocals and instruments play off each other in a way that fuels the chaotic feel of their raw noise rock. By burying the vocals in the mix with distorted riffs, the band creates a unified wall of sound that will trample you like the crowds that are to thank for their band name.

Stream Front Toward Enemy below and download it here. Catch Black Friday Death Count on August 8th at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City as part of the Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival (info), or on August 29th at The Irish Wolf Pub in Scranton (info).


Image via Facebook.

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