Disinterest Releases Repair, Celebrating Record Release at PhilaMOCA

Local hardcore punk band Disinterest recently released an invigorating EP entitled Repair. Their sound is rampant and well executed, shifting between moments of breakneck blasts and slower breakdowns with ease. Disinterest is lyrically “concerned with analyzing the contrast between feelings of connection and disconnection,” and their music confronts in a way that forces you to analyze those feelings.

The seven-song release clocks in at thirteen minutes, and the band spends most of that time playing disastrous riffs accompanied by impressively fast drums. The vocals sit in the mix as hardcore vocals should, fighting for any space and discernibility they can possibly muster. The words are delivered with meaning and a raspy feel of authenticity, with brutal shouts over grooves and non-stop yelling over the swifter passages.

On “Impersonal,” the band quickly barrels between tempos, while stuffing in feedback and some of their most guttural screams. Vocals delivered in a state of genuine upset accompany the musical build up, while coughing ushers in the biggest explosion of noise on the record. “Stethoscope” is a more experimental cut where the band shows some true ingenuity. The song progresses from drums and vocals, the instruments begin to move like a beating heart, and the desperate vocals bring you face-to-face with personal anxiety by questioning everything about how you feel. The final track, “Repair,” is the only one that breaks the three-minute mark. It starts off in a slower and grandiose manner, but goes on to thrash just as hard as the rest of the EP. About halfway through, they revert back to their more reflective speed, and the vocalist beckons for an external emotional fix.

The title of the record hints at the resounding emotional state that Disinterest conveys. Repair is not just about being angry and having an outlet, but about working towards feeling connected and changing the things in your life that leave you feeling worn out and detached. Overall, the EP is instrumentally heavy and gripping, with emotionally upfront vocals to match its intensity.

Stream Repair below, download it on bandcamp, and order a copy from Never Back Down Records here.

Catch Disinterest celebrating their record release at PhilaMOCA tomorrow, July 22, opening the show for Uniform, Dark Blue, and Profligate. Get tickets and information here. They’ll also be playing Federal House this Sunday, July 26, get information here.


Featured image via Facebook.

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