Legendary Divorce Makes Noise on Debut EP, Make Me

Local noise punk band Legendary Divorce released their raucous debut EP, Make Me, back in April. The six songs are characterized by distorted riffs, melodic screams, and an overall feeling of anger and abandonment. Vocalist/guitarist Itarya Leo leads the charge with her raspy voice, and delivers brash shouts over a brutal onslaught of instruments.

From the opening notes of the EP, the music wreaks of distortion and noise. Leo delivers goose bump inducing shrieks over dissonant guitar riffs that incorporate elements of hardcore and punk. The instrumentals switch between heavy, aggressive moments and soft, unsettling ones, which creates an atmosphere of feeling depraved and outraged. In album opener, “Satisfaction,” Leo focuses on the messiness of feelings, screaming, “sometimes I love so much it makes my teeth fall out!” and “sometimes I love so much it makes my voice blow out!.” The track follows a grungy riff and beat throughout the first two minutes, while the rest of the track is an instrumental attack made up of haunting guitar riffs and a steady, jarring beat. “Easy” fluidly shifts between its loud and soft sections, and the verses sound like whispers compared to the powerful, irreverent chorus. The riff sounds catastrophic, and Leo frantically shouts “I heard you but you won’t shut up / I don’t care what’s above or below / I heard you, yeah I’m so fucked up / loud and clear.” The feelings of being fed up and an emotional mess come through on the entire EP, but especially through those lyrics and glaring riff. Make Me ends on a high-note with the fastest song of the bunch, “Narrow.” The drums beat with determination, and the swift, in-your-face feel of the song make it a standout.

Make Me is driven by Legendary Divorce’s raw guitar riffs, and ability to create songs that are emotionally afflicted yet relatable. The pounding beats create a substantial foundation which gives way to headbanging, while the riffage and shouting add layers of furious rage and discontent.

Below, watch the music video for “Easy” and stream Make Me. Download it here, and order it on CD from Reptilian Records here. See Legendary Divorce at Everybody Hits on August 9th, performing alongside the Cloth, Left & Right, and Worth. Get more information here.


Image via Reptilian Records, from the music video directed by R.E. Medlin.

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