Listen to Thin Lips’ Speedy, Captivating EP, Divorce Year

Local punk band Thin Lips released a four song EP entitled Divorce Year back in May. The release is full of gritty riffs and infectious hooks that make for high intensity, emotionally revealing sing-a-longs. Vocalist/guitarist Chrissy Tashjian shares personal lyrics that point out the less-fun parts of relationships, namely people leaving and moving on, and the music speeds with urgency.

All of the tracks share a glaring fervor that comes through in the quickly moving beats and quirky riffs that are marked by distorted tones. Feedback helps fill in silences along with drum fills, and Tashjian’s vocals are excellently delivered over the steadfast and subtly unconventional instrumentals. The best showcase of their power is on “Gemini Moon.” Tashjian swiftly shouts lines describing ails of personal relationships, the guitar and bass quickly blare at their fullest potential, and the drums keep the quick beat going while adding in upbeat fills. Lyrics like “Was it me or was it you that took me by surprise / with that look in your eyes?” are delivered throughout, and the track ends with a section of softer, intricate riffs. The EP opener, “Nothing Weird,” also shows their ability to intertwine thoughtful lyrics with intricate punk music, and stands out with the most memorable hooks of the record. The final song and title track also contains a super catchy chorus, which is backed up by huge guitar riffs. The verses take a more laid-back approach, while the end of the track circles back through the monumental chorus and a nasty guitar solo.

Thin Lips’ lyrics show the conflict that can come from everyday occurrences, and the music matches those ideas with an upbeat feel and underlying tension. Divorce Year is a ten-minute listen to put on repeat, due to its intelligent mix of swift punk aesthetic and introspective lyrics. Overall, it’s a great EP for jamming out to, or for laying in bed and trying to make sense of things.

Stream Divorce Year below, download here, or order the EP on tape from Seagreen Records here.


Image via Seagreen Records.

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