The Quarterly Concert and Listening Party to Take Place at PhilaMOCA

The Quarterly is an organization that focuses on community service by putting out a compilation each season with proceeds going to Rock to the Future, a charity that provides music education to children. Founded by Brian Walker of A Day Without Love, the Quarterly is a milestone in the DIY community. The first compilation was released on August 1, and showcases diverse talent from 25 Philadelphia bands/musicians. Featuring bands such as Amanda X, The Young Pilgrims, Modern Colour, City Rain, Minka, and Crybaby, this compilation displays the variety of music in the Philadelphia scene. From punk to electro pop, these bands all bring something unique to the table. The album starts off with some acoustic tunes, and slowly picks up speed with some of the punk and electronic songs. Some notable tracks of bluesy rock songs include “The Ridge” by Modern Colour and “Tell the Teller” by Toy Soldiers. If you’re into the electronic stuff, make sure to check out “Nephew” by City Rain and and “Justice” by Minka. For your punk tendencies, listen to “You, Again” by Amanda X and “All the Time” by Young Pilgrims. If you’re into hardcore or hard rock listen to “Dejected” by Reward and “At Least Enough” by Gunpowder Temple. This compilation opens your ears to the immense amount of different kinds of music that is present in the Philadelphia area, and I highly recommend checking it out and donating to help children’s music education and Rock to the Future. The album features music from many genres, and truly represents every kind of Philly band.

In addition to the compilation, The Quarterly will be holding a listening party and concert at PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia this upcoming Thursday, August 29th. The event will feature performances by City Rain, Minka, Song Dogs, and Josh Miller, all artists featured on the Summer Compilation. Be sure to attend the event and support music education in Philadelphia!

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