Pro Post Time, Pray For Sound, A Victim of Good Times, and Barncat at The Fire. August 29, 2013.

Barncat opened up this show at The Fire with their unique grungy post rock, playing new songs as well as a few off their EP “Barncat Sees All.” This band’s performance sounds even better than they do on the album, with more rawness from every component of the band. Among the shouting vocals, dirty bass lines, and screeching guitar, the guitar solos were perfectly placed and played feverishly. With the use of an array of guitar pedals, the sounds and feedback created added to the intensity that the band brought forth live.


A Victim of Good Times played another energetic set of alternative rock, which could draw comparisons to many 90’s bands in that genre. The singer sang some sweeter sounding parts, backed with vocal harmonies and poppier guitar that made some tunes seem more sentimental. Other songs were composed of angrier and louder instruments, and shouting from their frontman. Their drummer also showed skill, with a lot of cool fills that kept you on your toes to hear what would happen next. This set was very interesting to hear, and I would say this is a Philly band that is definitely worth checking out.

Pray For Sound filled the room with a soundscape that consisted of three guitars, a bass, and a drummer. This instrumental post rock band from Massachusetts has a darkness and energy that falls somewhere between Explosions in the Sky and Moving Mountains. The guitars are sometimes soft and dwindling, but then jump or build into heavy riffs at the moments that make sense. There is some phenomenal guitar work in this band, with fast as hell strumming and finger twisting chords. The drummer showed how explosive he can be, pounding and smashing the drums at the heaviest parts, but also leaving no signs of boredom in the softer and intricately written parts. This band played their goosebump inducing songs in front of a custom light show, which matched the music perfectly with different colors, and some strobe light action at the conclusion, and heaviest part, of their set.

Pro Post Time is a quirky indie rock band from Downingtown, with some cool synthesizer electronics. Their songs would fall into the category of indie, but they really are not like most indie bands. Unfortunately I was only able to catch a few of their songs, but from what I heard they are a very talented and out there indie rock band that is captivating to listen to.

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