Young Pilgrims Release Indie Pop Punk Album This Summer

Over the summer, Young Pilgrims released a full length album that is inspired by plenty of indie alternative rock bands, but also has something fresh and exciting on its own. Laid with synthesizers and melancholy lyrics, the music begins to grow on you quickly. One of a kind guitar riffs flow with bobbing bass lines into an explosion of lo-fi sonic sound, leaving the listener in a state of indie pop punk ecstasy. The guitar parts are diverse, ranging from twinkly to raging, with a few high-powered solos, such as in “All The Time.” In this song, the vocalist showcases how catchy of a voice he truly has when he shouts “fell in love with the bassist, when she plays it’s like heaven, even though it’s just Zeppelin, you don’t care much for them.” The singer’s voice was made for this type of music, with a quirky and raw tone. The drums will definitely catch your attention when listening to this record, with some really great fast parts that catch you by surprise. They usually lead the rest of the instruments into the louder parts of the album. This is a record made for the fans of indie rock that crave something genuine while also being reminiscent of their favorite 90’s rock bands. Check Young Pilgrims out on bandcamp.

Favorties on this album include: Full Sail Away, The Shuffle, and All The Time.

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