The Districts and Temples Impress at Union Transfer

Lilitz indie rock band The Districts have been on tour with UK psychedelic rockers of Temples for the past few weeks, a breakout tour which brought the young band to Philadelphia’s Union Transfer for a packed show. The Districts put on a great set which included a new track, the emphatic “Funeral Beds,” and closing with the impressively grand “Young Blood.” Vocalist/guitarist Rob Grote noticeably jumped around the stage and hollered into the mic, all while showing every emotion in the music is right on his sleeve in that moment through the gritty looks on his face.

Temples played a lengthy set to a devoted crowd, seemingly having everyone in the palm of their hands with their mellow, all-inclusive, chill-out rock. Vocalist/guitarist James Bagshaw’s voice was soothing and suave, and his guitar riffs were chill yet slightly maniacal at times. The band definitely knows how to get loud too, at moments the four-piece created a wall of sound that also utilized some cool synth lines.

Check out photos from the show below, and get on listening one of our area’s best young bands and one of the UK’s most impressive modern psychedelic ones.

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