Listen to Piranha’s Carpet Music

Local emo band Piranha recently released a three song EP entitled Carpet Music, which mixes together elements of shoegaze and grunge in a serenely loud atmosphere.

“Bliss” leads off strong with walls of guitar and bass that ebb and flow in between nicely placed drum fills. The churning track stirs up some surreal imagery through its lyrics and guitar tones, and ends as vocalist/guitarist Roy Atadgy somberly repeats “smoking, drinking, choking, sleeping.” On the next track, the band continues their method of singing cleanly over glistening, yet dark, guitar and bass tones, and this one has a particularly heavy ending. “Loss” starts off in a grungy atmosphere with an attractive riff and soft vocals, but continues on to bring in crushing instrumentals and the repeated line, “Nothing is working without you.” “Breathe” contains some yelling as Atadgy starts off by contemplating the act of breathing in harsh pollutants, and after pondering how “we need air to survive here,” it seems he realizes his own reasons for self-pollution. The lines “Another drink, a fight with the eyes / you beg for it, swear it’ll keep you warm at night / Get it right, perfectionist / we try our best and only wallow in it” gleans with an honesty about the insecurities and consequences of trying to create something you are happy with. The song progresses into an expansive instrumental section towards its finish, with the three piece band jamming smoothly and producing heavy walls of sound.

Piranha’s Carpet Music is a short listen that draws interest based off its somewhat opaque lyrical meanings and ability to create a fitting atmosphere with minimal instrument set up. The guitars use a grungy yet bright tone and the drums are powerful but never overbearing, a combination that results in a slightly reserved EP that creates an experience as dreamlike as some of its lyrics.

Photo via Facebook.

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