Lancaster Punk Band Spill Streams Debut EP

Lancaster punk band Spill recently made their debut self-titled EP available for streaming ahead of its official release on Broken World Media on August 14. Made up of members of Placeholder and We Were Skeletons, Spill takes a more straightforward approach than their predecessors, using beefy riffs and lyrics sound like the thoughts you have when you don’t want to get out of bed.

Spill’s tunes sound huge and upbeat, combining full guitar tones with emo-tinged lyrics that are equal parts smart and bratty. While there are no absurdly technical instrumentals, the band shows a knack for shredding and an attention to tones that demonstrates a different kind of creativeness. The huge, prominent guitar riffs work in tandem with Brandon Gepfer’s vocals of self-deprecating lyrics, creating home-run hits in the realm between punk and power pop. “Big Boss” glistens with fuzz from the opening strokes, and leads into lyrics about being stuck in shitty jobs while the rest of the band adds melodic backups. In “Sucks Either Way,” the searing riffs clearly cut through the mix, and Gepfer takes a more personal approach by singing about how he’s able to find any kind of peace. While the lead singles are the most appealing, the other songs reveal more about the bands mashup of powerful instrumentals and emotional lyrics. “Collections” is the most urgent song and contains some intricate drumming, while “Don’t Wanna Know What I Wanna Know” shows just how well their sound works by riding an infectious melody. Gepfer’s vocals slide through the mix across their most unorthodox and screeching riffs, and the rhythm sections keeps up with a killer backbeat.

Spill’s debut shows an affinity for getting lost in fuzz while zoning out to thoughts that populate your mind in early adulthood. Stylistically, they mix punk and power pop in a way that resonates as catchy and emotionally defeated. Mixing that with the fed up nature of the lyrics, Spill makes a great listen for when you want to drown out everything mediocre with distorted guitars and bold choruses.

Stream the EP below, pre-order the record here, and catch them at their record release show on August 15 at the Chameleon Club with Pianos Become the TeethThe World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Turnover, and Take One Car. Get tickets and more information here.


Featured image via Facebook.

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