Randle Patrick McNuthing Ties the Knot Between Humor and Sadness with Red Hot Lust

Randle Patrick McNuthing is the solo project of The Chelsea Kills frontman Sam Mercurio and his album Red Hot Lust contains some of the most honest and cerebral music to come out of Philly this year. Just from the title of his project you get a feel for Sam’s sense of humor and you can hear a bit of it in his songwriting.

Mercurio’s songs stem from hooky vocals double tracked in an Elliot Smith style, and are all about existing on this strange planet, in this hypocritical country, and trudging through the shit and the lust. He compliments his funny but heart-warming lyrics with acoustic guitar riffs that are just as unique and will make you turn your head and ask where this kid learned to play guitar. “Bloody Palms” brings you down to a place of hopelessness and confusion, like you’re sitting drunk in a Kensington alley trying to find a ride home and that bad acid you just took is starting to kick in. At the same time the song longs for closure, and is uniquely settling with a sense of hope despite all the shit we put ourselves through. Other tracks like “Dependance Day” and “Toe the Line” are straight-up catchy. “Air Supply” brings a laid back bluesy vibe into the mix that will have you humming the melody for days after.

Overall, Red Hot Lust is most definitely worth your time. The record was recorded on an old Yamaha multi track recorder and one microphone, and will make you feel fifty different ways because each song has a unique ambiance that entices the listener and cohesively ties the album together with its stripped down DIY aesthetic.

Below, stream Red Hot Lust and check out Randle Patrick McNuthing’s newer EP, entitled Tidal Wave Blues. Download both releases on bandcamp. Also be on the look out for new music from The Chelsea Kills, hopefully sometime in the near future.


Featured Image via bandcamp.

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